Our Services

Old Fashioned Persian Rug Cleaning

Simin utilizes the style of the traditional carpet and rug washing at the Persian Carpet and Textile Museum of Tehran.  All cleaning is done by hand.  We only use organic, non-toxic and odor-free treatment to clean and restore your rugs.  No damaging steam cleaning.



Restoration and Repair

Re-weaving and re-knotting holes caused by moth, dry rot, pets, cigarette burns and traffic wear on both flat weave and pile rugs.  Re-binding edges, repairing fringe or attaching new fringe, sewing hanging straps, mounting and framing rugs.


Rug Pads – available for:

  • For hard floors 1/4 and 1/8 inch
  • For carpeted floors 1/8 inch
  • For radiant and non-radiant heated floors

Other Services:

  • Create pillows from rugs and textiles
  • Uphostery 
  • Custom make oriental rugs in specialized sizes and textiles

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